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  Logging seizures and keeping good records is an essential skill for managing epilepsy and it has never been easier!

Renowned website, is excited to bring you a "real time" seizure recorder that builds on the original Seizure Tracker experience. Users can time and videotape seizures simultaneously in this revolutionary and simple to use application. When you stop the video and timer, it immediately creates an event log that is stored in a seizure library. You can edit the event at any time to add additional details about triggers, seizure description and what happened afterward. You can also use this app to log seizures without videos attached. This information can be easily synced to your account. From there detailed reports can be created and shared with your care providers.

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Special thanks to Element 84 for developing this app!

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  Time and visually record seizures as they happen  
  Videotape seizures and upload them to YouTube  
  Mark time of rescue medication or VNS magent usage (with timed alert)  
  Automatically add recorded seizure to Library  
  Add additional information to seizure entries  
  Create seizure entries without video or automatic timer  
  Store information in Seizure Library  
  Sync iPhone logs and videos to your free
account to create detailed reports that are easy to share.
  Graph seizure events by daily count, type, and time of day  
  Record New Event in Real-time    
  The quick capture button is located at the bottom of the main app pages.Quick Capture Start Screen   Capture ScreenQuick Capture w/Video   -Click "Quick Capture" button at the bottom of the main app pages to start recording a seizure.

-Timer will begin counting at top of screen

-Click the red circle in center of screen to begin videotaping.

-If the rescue medication or VNS tools are active, you can press the icon buttons in the lower left corner to mark the time of usage. The timer indicator for those tools show you the time since the event began or when the last rescue medication administration or VNS usage occured.

-When seizure ends click "Done"
  Edit Event      
      From the event Library screen...

-Select the event you would like to edit

-Press the "EDIT" button. Touch text to edit information

-Click on plus or minus buttons to quickly add or remove information

-When finished editing text, click "Save"
  Event Review Page   Body options in edit function      
  Add Event Without Real-time Recording Feature      
  Event Library     -Click on Library icon

-Click on plus button at the top of page

-Touch text to edit information

-Click on plus or minus buttons to quickly add or remove information

-When finished editing text, click "Save"
  Library   Selection list example      
  Seizure Type selector          
  Seizure type selector          
  Sharing Your Videos From the APP  
  Video Details page   Seizure Video Share page   Videos can be shared by syncing them to YouTube and, email, or saving to the device library.

- Select the "Video Details" option tthrough the event details page.

- Syncronize to YouTube or watch the video using the red or green buttons.

- Email or save to the device library by pressing the share button in the upper right corner.

*Note: Emailing or saving the videos to your device library must be done before the videos are uploaded to YouTube. Those sharing features WILL NOT be able availible after YouTube upload .
  Video detail page   Sharing options page    
  VNS Magnet Usage and Rescue Medication Settings  
  Header options in edit function   Body options in edit function   -Click the More tab in the tab bar

-Choose Settings. In the general settings you can select VNS Usages or Rescue Medication

-For both the VNS and Rescue Med tools you can enable them here or adjust the "Administration Time Alert" to better personalize the administration alerts.

What is the Administration Time Alert?
As a part of the quick capture feature of the app you can record when a VNS Magnet was used and a Rescue Medication administered. The "Administration Time Alert" let you set a timer that starts from the beginning of the event and then alerts you when that predetermined time has been reached If the "Administration Time Alert" has been reached the timer turns red and continues to count up until the respective button is pressed or the recording ended.
  Syncing to YouTube and  
  Entering user names and passwords from device settings page:  
  App Settings and Preferences     - From the Seizure Log App on your iPhone go to the "More" page (bottom navigation)

- Select Settings

-Enter in your and user information

-Return to the Seizure Log sync page and confirm settings are working by attemping a sync.

-The Rescue Medication and VNS usage librarries can be access here or moved to the main navigation menu.

-Enter in your and user information

*Note: The sync length preference is part of the creditials form. It is only accessible through the app setting page.
  More page gives access to additional tools on the app   Device settings page    
  Entering user names and passwords as a part of syncing:  
  Sync page    

-Click on the Sync icon in the app navigation bar

-Click on the Sync button in the middle of the page

The arrows will rotate while sync is in progress

-Enter log in information when prompted

-Continue through syncing process

*Note: If you are attempting to sync videos with your events and have not entered your YouTube user information already that form will appear first. If you have already entered your YouTube user information the videos will be sync first and then you will be prompted to enter your user information. Wifi must be available to sync events when any event has a non-synced video included. The sync length preference is only accessible through the settings page.

YouTube channel set-up: If you have entered your youtube credentials into the app and are receiving an "Upload failed with error" you may need to create a youtube channel.

  Sync page   YouTube user info page    
 user info page   Sync complete indicator      
  Syncing events:  
      -Click on the Sync icon in the app navigation bar

-Click on the Sync button in the middle of the page

The arrows will rotate while sync is in progress. You can follow what stage the sync is in by reviewing the scrolling text. "Sync Complete" will appear when the syncing process is done.
  Device settings page   Selection list example    
  Viewing Graphs:  
    Events must be synced to to appear
in graphs.

-Click on the Graph icon in the app navigation bar

-Select the graph and end month (graph includes end month and two previous months)

Graphs include: Seizure and Medication by day and week, Seizure Types and Medication by week, Seizure Time of Day.

*Note: Clinking on the "i" button when viewing the "Seizure and Medication" graphs give you the option to change the scope of the graph.

  Graph selection page      


  Seizure count by week ("i" button in upper right
corner links to day/week change tool)
  Seizures by time of day    
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