Seizure Tracker Alexa Skill
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Seizure Tracker by Voice

Log your seizure events using Amazon Alexa.

Special thanks go to Eric O'Callaghan, Seizure Tracker user and developer extraordinaire, for his help building this Alexa skill.

Why should I record my seizures?
Logging seizures and keeping good records is an essential skill for managing epilepsy. Doctors will rely on your observations, medication usage and surrounding lifestyle information to help make treatment decisions. Providing them with the best possible data will impact the success of those treatments.

Find and activate the Alexa skill here

Alexa Skill Features:

  • Connect Alexa to your account.
  • Ask Alexa to "track a seizure"
  • Tell Alexa the seizure is over
  • Ask Alexa to how many seizures have been recorded that day
  • and much more...

For more information about Seizure Tracker Alexa skill, please feel free to email us at

Apple AppIf you already own an Alexa enabled device, it is simple to activate the Seizure Tracker skill.

Visit your Alexa control panel here.

You will need to enter your Amazon user credentials and search for “Seizure Tracker” skill if your not logged in already.

Data Share toolLeverage the extensive features of
The Seizure Tracker website provides a huge list of tools to help manage epilepsy as a whole. While recording seizure activity is one of the most important aspects of managing epilepsy, collecting other treatment and lifestyle data help as well.

  • Other tools available on include: daily medication management, recue medication management, VNS settings and swipe records, diet therapy records (including ketones and glucose levels), hormonal cycle logs, medication blood level logs, extensive reporting capabilities, and much more...
  • Visit the Seizure Tracker help section to learn more.
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How do I link my Seizure Tracker account to Alexa?
You must first visit the Seizure Tracker skill page through your Alexa app or web interface. Press the enable skill button in the upper right corner and you'll be on your way. You will need to enter your Seizure Tracker user credentials as a part of the skill enabling process.

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