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Infantile Spasms/Seizure Medication Access Survey

Have you ever had problems getting medications for Infantile Spasms or Seizures?

Please let us know about any problems you may have had getting medication for Infantile Spasms or Seizures. Have you had difficulties paying for a medication or has the medication not been available when you needed it? Take the survey and tell us about your experiences.

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Why focus on Infantile Spasms?
Infantile Spasms(IS) are a catastrophic form of epilepsy. One of the most effective medications for treating IS is Vigabatrin or Sabril ® (brand name), which recently came available as a generic in the United States. Member organizations of the Infantile Spasm Action Network (ISAN) have been hearing from families they serve that there have been recent challenges with insurance coverage and the distribution of Vigabatrin. As this and other medications become available as generics it is important to understand the impact on families struggling with seizure management. Please take the survey if you have had problems acquiring seizure medication or pass it along to someone you know who has experience difficulty.

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