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Oral Seizure Rescue Medication Survey

Do you have a preference on how oral rescue medications are administered?

Please help us understand your feelings about rescue medications being administered through the mouth. Would you either prefer an oral gel or a dissoluble thin strip as an at-home medication to administer or receive? Voice your opinion about your delivery method preference so the epilepsy community can better understand your needs. Take the survey.

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Seizure Rescue MedicationSeizure Tracker® web and mobile tools to can help you record rescue medications administered during a seizure or seizure cluster.

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With your help, we will continue to improve upon the data evaluation tools on Seizure Tracker®.
Why use a seizure rescue medication?
Sometimes seizures or clusters of seizures last longer than is safe or do not stop on their own. Administering extra medication during a seizure or cluster can help them stop sooner than they would without help. Epilepsy doctors typically prescribe rescue medications to someone that might be at a high risk of status seizures or prolonged seizure clusters.

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