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    Join us for a three part educational program.  
    "Improving Care and Outcomes by Tracking Seizures in Those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities."  
    Enhance Communication within the Care Team  
      Empower Patients and Care Providers  
        Collect Accurate Data  
          Improve Outcomes  
      1.5 hrs. CME CAT 1 credits will be offered for attendence or review of each of the two webinars (part 1 + 2).  
    The Schedule:      
    Intro Survey:    
    First Webinar:
(Part 1)
  June 27, 2012, 7PM EST
  The presentation will include disscussions surrounding the impact of living with and treating intractable epilepsy and how to leverage electronic seizure diaries to improve communication in various care situations. This webinar will be archived and made available for individuals wishing to join the program at a later date.
                  Presenter: Nathan B. Fountain, M.D.
Professor of Neurology and Director of the F.E. Dreifuss Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.
                  Presenter: Robert Moss
Co-Founder of SeizureTracker.com, serves on the board of the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, and has a son with who lives with TSC and intractable epilepsy.
Online Discussions:
(Part 2)
  These discussions will include the benefits discovered through the use of electronic seizure diaries in the varied care situations along with any hurdles to overcome implementing their usage.  
  Experience Survey:   This survey will be made availible to program participants prior to the fianl webinar. The Experience Survey questions will center around collecting participate feedback on emplimenting and using electroninc seizure diaries in the various care situations.  
  Final Webinar:
(Part 3)
  September 2012 (Date TBD)
To present topics and solutions discussed in the online forum and data collected through the Experience Survey.
    For more information please contact us at support@seizuretracker.com.  
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